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Highpoint Powder Coating’s Limited Warranty

Highpoint Powder Coating’s warranty covers all coated parts for 12 months from the invoice date. Highpoint warrants against cracking, peeling, or excessive fading due to normal climatic exposure. Damage to the finish caused by mechanical abuse such as scratches, rough handling, installation, or vandalism is not covered by this warranty. Design and/or welding flaws such as pin holes, overlapping steel placements, or non‐sealed welds that allow moisture to build up causing rust are not covered by this warranty.


This warranty shall apply to the repair or replacement of coatings (at Highpoint’s discretion) of the material involved and shall not include reimbursement of consequential expenses such as installation, removal, equipment, and\or transportation costs.



Handrails, fencing and outdoor furniture that are not welded solid allow moisture to build up in places that the powder coat cannot penetrate. Highpoint is not responsible for these areas that will rust after installation.   We suggest that all joints be completely welded.


Weldments and frames that have overlapping metals trap moisture and will rust if the overlapping metals are not seal welded. Highpoint is not responsible for the rust that will build up and spread from those areas.   We suggest that all overlapping seams be completely welded.


Sharp edges must be rounded to be able to hold an appropriate mil thickness of powder coat. Sharp edges that are not rounded will rust. Highpoint is not responsible for rust that occurs because of sharp edges.   We suggest that all sharp edges be rounded and all pieces be completely deburred.


Cast iron and aluminum are prone to casting imperfections that may be uncovered during the prep process.  These imperfections appear as pits or voids in the surface of the metal.  Highpoint Powder Coating is not responsible for uncovering such imperfections.

Cast aluminum and magnesium parts may experience an out-gassing and/or bubbling in the finished powder coat. We will take every precaution available to avoid out-gassing; however sometimes it cannot be avoided.  In those cases we will not be held responsible for bubbling caused by porous castings.


All items must be able to withstand the curing temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Highpoint Powder Coating is not responsible for items that may be damaged due to baking of these temperatures.


The following acts and/or omissions will void the warranty


  • Physical damage due to transport or installation

  • Contact with salt water, chlorine, fertilizer, pesticides, or industrial chemical agents

  • Contact with sprinkler systems, tree sap, entangled vegetation (maintenance issues)

  • Alteration of coating by owner or agent

  • Physical damage due to acts of nature


Highpoint Powder coating upon notice and determination of valid claim will re‐coat parts at their own expense. Highpoint Powder Coating is not liable for the cost of take down, re‐installation or transport of effected parts. Highpoint Powder Coating reserves the right to inspect and use its chosen agents to determine cause for failure of coating.


The above constitutes the complete warranty of Highpoint Powder Coating. No other agreement written or implied is valid. 


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